About Us

Alladin “World of Brands” is a fashion clothing brand that strives to create lifestyle brands with a sense of style. These brands include: Dorris & Morris, Kinga, Forever Young & Zecchino.

Forever Young –

Forever Young fashion brand focuses on the modern stylish women tank tops, casual tops, shorts, night wear and casual tees. The brand believes that every woman is a bohemian at heart and her freedom is sacred, fun-loving and Epicurean. That she can resist everything except temptation, and dressing her kindness, sacrifices, strength, romance & care is an art which only she masters, though she is only trying to represent the art, but cannot accomplish it…

Forever young mom to be-

Is confi­dent that she is bringing new life to the world, which shows in what she wears, and when she walks in the room, heads turn because of her aura. She is, and will always be, forever young mom. Our design team salutes her and feels proud to dress her…

Tulay Rosana-

She knows she can trust her broad shoulders to be able to carry her style, she is con­fident of her curves and recognizes the power they have on her partner, while she has her control yet makes others uncontrollably desire her; she is beautifully desirable. She is what a woman should be - she is herself... Our design team is mesmerized by her.


Kinga: is a clothing brand that focuses on work and uniform wear brand including hospital uniforms, dust coats, school uniforms, among others. The Kinga brand represents dressing the protector of power & is designed to enhance PERFORMANCE, which gives the position the grace & power to shine in its own position like a star in the galaxy. Uniform is identity &identity must be dressed with pride. Kinga designs pride, integrity & performance.

Dorris & Morris-

Dorris & Morris: Houses a range of kids clothing including shirts, socks, jackets, t-shirts and many more extensive range of clothes for both the boy and girl child. Dorris, a Greek goddess like girl & Morris who is an American son of MORE is smart, naughty, high spirited, cultured yet bold, proud, respectful, confident and humble. Dorris & Morris believes that today's kids will one day design the new world order but today; we will design their attitude.

Zecchino Man-

Zecchino: The next generation of men want to look sharp and stylish and Zecchino is here with solutions for all Men. We stock boxers, denims, chinos, t-shirts, formal shirts and casual shirts. Every man is a work in progress; no man is perfect, but we can all work on becoming better men; each is ONE OF A KIND. Zecchino's creators wish girls get lucky & find him as he definitely exists in each girl's dreams… He is a Zecchino man- completely unique; only the lucky one can find him, so get lucky…

Alladin “World of Brands” is a fashion clothing brand that strives to create lifestyle brands with a sense of style. These brands include: Dorris & Morris, Kinga, Forever Young & Zecchino.

Alladin: World Of Brands

Chairman Statement

Dear Friends,

Welcome to first exclusive fashion online store which is truly made in Kenya-Africa and gives me immense pride that we could use our 25 years of global experience in fashion manufacturing to bring to your door steps; all product categories which are tailored to African fit unlike what many brands sell "Other body fits forced on ours".

Team "Alladin" has only one mandate which is "Fit for Africa - Created by Africans". I am hoping you will enjoy being dressed by our very talented designers and experts in fashion who have been associated with few highly respected global brands in fashion industry worldwide.

This is just the beginning; Alladin will continue bringing great offers and products as we grow with your support in this God's land of Africa. Let the vision of "Made in Africa" be realized now, you all must nurture and encourage it to grow stronger…

Yours truly,

Pankaj Bedi